1. Miami

Annual Avg. Temp.  84 Degrees

Culture– It is known for its strong Latin culture. Miami has a strong Cuban population. 54% of the city is Cuban. There is no need for me to say that there is a need to have some working knowledge of Spanish lol because I think that is obvious. Overall the city is extremely diverse. It isn’t just the Latin American descendants that make up Miami, but it has a strong black culture as well. Haitians, Jamaicans, and African Americans help diversify the city. Whatever your background or heritage is I can assure you that you are represented there.

Food– Even though it is known for its Cuban residents as I mentioned earlier, I think it is safe to say that Mexican food is one of the great draws of visiting Miami. Taquerias El Mexicano has some of the best tacos in South FL. A honorable mention would be La Carreta Restaurant. It is a laid back Cuban spot. Make sure while you are there that you try their Bistec de Rinconada.

Things to Do-When people think of Miami, their minds go to South Beach. There are activities to do year round. Music Fest is a week full of music. In March of every year, hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the world for this. I have had the pleasure to attend when I lived in Miami. The Miami Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins all play there and attending the games is fun. Never go to Miami without going to South Beach. Walking the water is amazing especially in the spring time. Also Miami is known for its great nightlife. Spots like Liv, and Story, and the area ofWynwood in the art district make it an enjoyable trip.

  • LA 

Annual Avg. Temp.71 Degrees

Culture-Let me start off by saying that out of all the cities on this list my favorite city is LA even though I greatly love Chicago. LA just like most of the other cities is diverse. They have a strong black community, and a strong Latin community. Because it is expensive, it is understandable why the populace tries to keep up with the Joneses. 

Food-LA has a ton of restaurants. Even though I didn’t get a chance during vacation  to eat at many restaurants I really did enjoy the food I ate. I loved Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Rose Café in Venice has an amazing experience and food. 

Things to Do-There is so much to do in LA. From Hollywood to Santa Monica sightseeing is something that would probably take days, maybe even weeks to finish. The Santa Monica Pier is a popular landmark in the area. You can go to Hollywood and see the Walk of Fame. The infamous Disneyland is also located in LA. The sports teams located in LA are the Rams, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers.

  • Chicago

Annual Avg. Temp. 56.3 Degrees

Culture– Chicago is one of those cities where the culture is different on each side of the city. One part of the city has a China Town where Asian culture is predominant; there you will find great food and places to explore. Then, you have the South and West sides of Chicago. Each particular side has its  that involves great music and great food. Beyond the sides of towns that I mentioned, Chicago also has other eclectic areas. The moral of the story is that Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the world. 

Food– Pizza, Pizza, and Pizza! My personal favorite food is pizza so I may be biased. Chicago has been in decades long battles with New York for best pizza in the world. NY is known for their thin, big slices, while Chicago is better known for its deep-dish pizzas. It is basically a pizza pie sent from heaven. The top restaurants that serve deep dish pizza include Giordano’s, Lou Malnatti’s, Burt’s Pizza, Gino’s East, and Pizzeria Uno. The great thing is Chicago has also consistently been ranked by top chefs as one of the best food cities in the world. Chicago is filled with restaurants on Rush Street. Also, the world renowned Harold’s Chicken is located in Chicago.

 Things to Do– It doesn’t matter when you visit Chicago there is always something to do. Millennium Park, and Buckingham Fountain, are amongst the top tourist attraction in the city. Everything from the beaches (obviously in the summertime) to Navy Pier to the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (which was at one point the tallest building in the world) gives you the ability to see the world from a different view. Sports teams like the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears play in Chicago and they have a loyal fan base. Last but not least, the Taste of Chicago! It is probably the greatest food event in the country. It’s where almost a million people gather at Grant Park to taste food vendors from all over the city, and to experience the diversity Chicago has to offer. An honorable mention is the Lalapalooza Fest during August.

  • Atlanta

Annual Avg. Temp.- 70 Degrees

Culture- The first thing I noticed moving from Miami to Atlanta was the black culture. For the new generation, I believe that what Miami is to Cubans, Atlanta is to African Americans. Not just any type of African Americans, but successful ones at that. The opportunity is limitless for individuals who are young and ambitious in Atlanta. Hip Hop reigns strong in Atlanta. Stores that would usually play pop music, play rap music noticeably in some stores in Lenox Mall.

Food- Atlanta has some amazing restaurants to eat at. Suite Lounge is a place that I definitely recommend. It provides that soul food, but with a contemporary twist. I also came across another restaurant, by the name of Twisted Soul Cookhouse which is located in Midtown. I wish I could recommend several dishes but for some reason I can’t stop ordering the chicken and waffles that they serve. Also, I believe they serve some of the best cornbread in the city. Within Atlanta, you can also find national has national chains such as Fogo de Chao, PF Chang’s, Pappadeaux, etc.

Things to Do- Atlanta is full of activities to do whether it’s during the day or at night. Buckhead is the area to be in. Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza provide world-renown shopping. The Battery at the Sun Trust Ball Park, where the Atlanta Braves play, has tons of bars, and restaurants to partake in. In addition to that Atlanta’s nightlife is amazing.

  • Las Vegas

Annual Avg. Temp- 80 degrees

Culture- To be very honest, I didn’t leave the strip so I won’t insult the residents of Las Vegas lol. Based on my experience on the strip there were people from all over the world. The Strip was an amazing exciting, soliciting, gambling, and entertaining type of environment.

Food-Some of the best food I tasted on the Strip was at the buffets. I had the privilege of eating food at the Wynn Hotel and the MGM Grand Hotel buffets. Also, Vegas like Atlanta is home to national chains. Lastly the Eiffel Tower Restaurant has amazing food as well.

Things To Do- There is much to do Las Vegas than gambling and casinos. There are so many shows to attend from comedy to music performances to even nightlife. While I know that NY is the city that never sleeps Vegas is a close second. 


Chris WIlliams II is a finance manager and young entrepreneur who was born in Chicago. He understands first hand what it means to sacrifice for a better way of life. He lived in his car for over 2 months while starting off as a young executive in South FL. He has since then started a multiple businesses while currently being in the process of opening up his first franchise store. Chris has the heart to help other entrepreneurs.

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