• Mental Health: Eating right can reduce headaches throughout the day by incorporating foods packed with antioxidants and natural anti depressants i.e. (pomegranate and blueberries).
  • Discipline: You can never start to early with disciplining yourself for the future. Choosing to eat right in this present day will help develop not only discipline in food eating decisions, but also life decisions. (Pick up some granola or fresh fruit to ease the urge to snack on unhealthy items).
  • Body Preservation: Improve body functions and natural fluid movements with choosing the right items to eat when having Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a Snack. It will keep the body in great shape for the long haul, eat for the future.
  • Performance: Improve overall maximum performance at work, sexual performance, workout sessions and energy output lasting longer throughout days.
  • Focus: Maintain longer focus and have a greater attention to detail when completing tasks with little to no interruptions.

LeQuan is a young, emerging Chef from Chicago. As alumnus of Bethune Cookman, LeQuan takes pride in everything he touches. He recently had the opportunity to cook for several celebrities during the campaign trail for Stacy Abrams. LeQuan has a desire to change the world one plate at a time.

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