So you have just went on a job interview and you nailed it. Your feelings are bittersweet because you know you did good on the interview, however you don’t know whether or not you will get the job. Finally they send an email with an offer letter and you receive a call stating that they are offering you the job. You are excited, however you are not pleased with the salary. Most times the salary is negotiable and I want to help you negotiate your salary or pay.

  1. The Salary Negotiation Starts with your application- Never forget that. There are a few rules to maximizing your value on an application which I will go into detail fully on another blog. The three are Be clear, be brief, be precise. Being clear means that you want to articulate everything that you are attempting to communicate clearly. From your name to your previous job history to the reasonsyou left. Double check your application. Do not leave any blank spots. Be brief means they give you a limited amount of space for a reason. Employers have short attention spans because they have a lot to do. Sum up what you want tosay in 3 to 4 sentences max. We call that the elevator pitch. Be precise! Double check for misspelled words and run- on sentences. It’s embarrassing to employers to see an application particularly for a highly competitive position with misspelled words. Would you want someone working for you who couldn’tspell? Well they definitely don’t either.
  2. Know what your counterparts in your industry is getting paid. Whatever field you are in or plan on getting into it is imperative that you not get connected to someone who is already doing what you are doing so that you can learn more fromthem on the industry but also for you to get an idea as to the pay structure. In my industry as a finance manager in the automotive industry I have plenty of friends in the industry. We discuss each others pay plan and if someone for any reason wants to make a move we know what type of pay to accept and what not tobecause we understand what the industry is paying in the region.
  3. Find out what your salary offer is during the interview. It is not a sin to know how much they will pay you during the interview. Ask and be confident while asking. Also ask if that amount is negotiable.
  4. Don’tget greedy. You don’t want to come across the wrong even though it is abusiness.
  5. Makea counteroffer. I would personally wait until they show great interest in you and they make the offer to make a counter offer. Now with this many people settle for salaries and pay that is under what they should be working for butare afraid of possibly losing the offer. A lot of times the offer may or may not be negotiable but you will never know if you do not ask if that amount is negotiable and making a reasonable offer. If the amount is too high then yes itcould put you in a akward place, but going up just enough to for them to make acounter offer that’s higher than what they initially offer, but lower enough where you don’t scare the employer.
  6. Be confident during your interview. When ever I have went on a job interview I never approached it as if I was a average guy. I always approached it from that angle of I am one of the best in my position which I was and had the numbers toback it up. Refrain from using “um”. Nothing shows a level of insecurity,nervousness, and unsurity thn using the word “um”. My recommendation is todress up and sit in front of a mirror. Write down a bunch of questions that youbelieve will be asked. Answer them while looking in the mirror and this willhelp build your confidence.
  7. Create and bring them an evidence file to the interview showing previous work or assignments. This will be one of the greatest things one can do during their interview process. I have never went on an interview and never not had someevidence to back up what I said during the interview process. I have accolades, good job emails from previous bosses, my performance charts/stats. Women lie, men lie, but numbers never lie. IF you prove to them with evidence your value they will not be able to deny it. It will make negotiating your salary that much more easier.
  8. Show that you are a team player. You want to show that you are about the team. The worst thing a company can do is hire a selfish, talented worker. It ruins the team environment. It is better to have an average team where there is no friction than to have one talented player that makes the performance better but comes with drama. Don’t be that person.

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Chris WIlliams II is a finance manager and young entrepreneur who was born in Chicago. He understands first hand what it means to sacrifice for a better way of life. He lived in his car for over 2 months while starting off as a young executive in South FL. He has since then started a multiple businesses while currently being in the process of opening up his first franchise store. Chris has the heart to help other entrepreneurs.

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