Chris Williams II


Year after year I hear about individuals struggling living from paycheck to paycheck. The memes where it shows paydays and all of the bills taking all of your money is something that has become normal. It is normal to work hours for an employer only to go home and never really experience the fruit of our labor beyond paying your bills. I don’t believe that should be a way of life for no one. That’s why it is important to create additional streams of income for yourself. You need a bigger savings account than you have, an emergency fund, a vacation fund, a spending fund, etc. This is your opportunity to change the trajectory of your financial life. SO I have devolped a list to help you. I know for a fact that you can make a minimum of $1, 000 per month doing most f these. If you do it for year by the end of the year you can have $12, 000 saved up.

1. Uber/Lyft-Uber and Lyft provides an excellent, guaranteed, and consistent second income. It works through an app that you can download to your phone. Kind of like a private taxi service people will request a ride and the system will filter it through to the nearest rider which if it is you the app will send you a request through an alert. You have a limited amount of time to answer it. You can average up to $1000 per week full time and half of that part time. It can be used as a good mean to a second income.

2. Hyer Car- It is a peer to peer rental car service that allows you to to rent your car out to approved individuals. It requires a strong background check not only from you, but also the person that is renting from you. They must be pass the background check with flying colors. They also are required to pay for full daily full coverage insurance which is provided through HyreCar that will fix your car in the event that it is involved in a car accident while the vehicle is in their possession. You can limit the mileage per day and if they exceed the set miles they would be required to pay an overage fee. This is also a great second income if your car is just sitting because you work close to home or take public transportation to avoid traffic. I have seen people charge as much as $80 per day. $80 for 30 days is $2400.

3. Airbnb- If you own a house or you rent an apartment (most apartments lease agreements don’t allow you to rent out your apartment or a room in it; you would have to check your agreement or with your landlord first) you can rent out a room or two in your domain. Again you would post the apartment after going through their process, then someone could book the room via that app and it would be up to you to approve it or deny it based on their profile. Airbnb has their own process for the customers that they have to go through. I have friends who have bought houses just for airbnb.

Example:  If you have – 3 bedroom home and you decide to rent out two rooms and charge $50 per day and the rooms are booked for 30 days that is $3000 extra per month. Now lets say you use the whole house of 3 rooms and you are booked for 30 days thats $4500 extra per month.

In my opinion this is better than having a rental property because in the even that they don’t pay there are no court procedures or legal fees. They are required to leave. Also I personally know people who pay friends to let the guest in and they change the sheets and clean the house for them for a small fee.

4. Amazon- Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. It also has surpassed Walmart. The reason is because it gives individuals the opportunity to sell products whether it is theirs or not to other people. So there are website available like tactical arbitrage that allows you to search the entire web in minutes for products  for example an iPad,  Xbox one, a 4k tv at a wholesale or discounted price. Once it locates them you can buy them and sell them on Amazon and make a profit. I know people who make 6 figures a year doing this full time.

5. Start a blog-You can start a blog and make additional income through what is called affiliate marketing. Its where you can write a blog and make suggestions of other company products to your audience. The company will provide a link and you would insert that into your article and when people click the link and purchase they give you a commission for that purchase. Its a way to bring in additional income.

6. Real Estate- Real Estate is probably the oldest second stream of income ever. You have many different options on here that I can go into but I don’t have the time to.

   •Wholesale Real Estate-Is a new phenomenon where someone with a distressed home sells their property to you at a discounted price. You contract them with a purchase agreement created by your lawyer. You and the seller of the home sign the agreement and you then find a buyer for the home.

For example:   So lets say you and the seller agree to the price of $30k but the house when fixed up is worth $70k. The buyer wants a home he can atleast make a 30% ROI. If you set you price at $49, 000 you then are at the 30% range that the buyer wants to see. Remember we contracted the distressed property at $30k. So what happens to the other $19k. When the closing occurs you are cut a check for $19k that is your money. So the seller gets $30k, the buyer get ther property for $49k he pays and you get the $19k. I can teach on this for a long time.

   •Rental Property- Rental property is when you take the house  you bought or own outright and you rent it out to tenants for a profit. Its simple as that.

   •Buy, Fix, and Flip-This is where you buy a property that may be outdated or distressed and you basically purchase it at a discounted price either from a wholesaler, a bank once the house hits the auction due to foreclosure, or from a friend. Once you purchase it you would then fix it up. It is usually cheaper to use independent contractor who are talented and experienced. You can then either rent it out for a year and then flip it or flip it right away for a profit.

When we are younger there are a million and one things that influence our thought patterns, world perspectives, and ideologies. While many think that your first marriage takes place when you say I do on the altar the actual day of your wedding, the truth is for most of us we say I do way before we even meet a potential spouse. We say I do from young ages based on what we saw our parents do and not do; based on how society influenced us, based on the environment we grew up in. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with standards and knowing what you want, however most of us miss God’s blessings to us because what we want doesn’t look like what was in out head for all these years. I have created a list for the 5 reason why I divorced the person in my head and why you should too.

1. I kept missing out of great potential spouses because of it-

I have had the opportunity to meet and go on dates with some of the world’s greatest women. They were smart, had great careers, loved the Lord, but they did not match what I had in my mind. The Bible says Proverbs 18:22 says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”. In addition to there being a searching that takes place by the “He” or man, I believe that God will let you choose who you want to marry and will bless your decision because he doesn’t force anyone to marry another person. However I do also believe that when you divorce the person that in your head you allow God assist in the searching process to bring someone to you beyond what your eyes have seen or heard as it pertains to marriage!

2. I wasted a lot of time-

I wasted women’s time and I got my time wasted as well. The women I thought I wanted weren’t right for me. They took me for granted, they cheated, lied, and etc. The women who could have possibly been right for me I didn’t pay attention to because they may have been missing something minor and I turned the other way due to my pickiness. I learned that true love is not when you can love a person for what potential you think they have, true love is when you can love them for where they actually are! The truth of the matter is your potential spouse may be right in your face, but your shallow comparisons; and self maybe blind to it.

3. What I thought I wanted actually wasn’t good for me-

As I stated earlier the women I wanted all have losing records with me and my heart. I experienced unnecessary hurt, pain, and trauma. One of the signs (This is not always the case) that you may be in a relationship that you more than likely don’t belong in is when you are trying to convince others why you guys are good together. Everyone is telling you “No” but you marriage in your head has you blind. Usually those end up in disaster for you. That was me; I was in a relationship and my family begged me to get out of the dysfunctional relationship but I refused because she was who I wanted. Long story short… I ended up hurt. Take my word for it.

4. I thought happiness came from being in a relationship-

A lot of times there are insecurities within us that cause us to be with and desire people who mean us no good. If we are miserable being single what makes us think for any second that someone else even if they completely match our list in our heads would make us happy. True happiness comes from within. The thing I like about truth is you can pretend for social media to be happy, but you can never hide it from yourself. If you are single now take this time to travel and see the world, have fun, love yourself and take yourself out on dates.

5. Set unreal expectations-

The type of expectations you have created for the person in reality nobody not even Jesus himself can fulfill because you are centered around them. Its all about yourself. Again standards are standards but wanting a man who is exactly 8 feet tall, a president, and with black hair isn’t real. With your list make what you want him or her to be like and let God do the rest!

1. They are unsure-

Being unsure is actually not a bad thing for the two parties collectively because the worst thing a person can do is bring doubt into an engagement or a marriage. It can however be a bad thing for the woman who feels some type of way about that. The reason being is you as a woman never want to be with a guy who is unsure about you. What that means is if someone who they think is prettier, or has a bigger shape than you they will quickly leave. It is important to protect yourself.

2. They don’t want to marry you-

This is not always the case. Most times when a man meets a woman he put her in a category within the first 5 mins of a conversation with her. That category could be wife material, friend zone, sex partner, or just an associate. More times than not he could have put you in one of those categories and if he feels this way it could be that he put you in a category other than marriage in the beginning. Now I will say this, it is also possible that he legitimately wanted to marry you but something happened along the way that caused him to want to change his mind. Ultimately it is a conversation that you guys must have.

3. They want to marry you but don’t feel ready to give up the sense of freedom-

These are the guys that love the idea of marriage, kids, and a white fence, but in their heart they are still in love with the idea of being able to date freely. This is a decision you would have to quickly make, but you neve want to be with a man who has one foot in and one foot out. If it is like that now it will be like that when and if you guys get married f he doesn’t deal with that part of himself.

4. They just want everything to be perfect for you-

There are many guys who are perfectionists and it can come across as if they just don’t want to be tied down and that is not true. For certain men, if they are not where they feel like they should be in regards to their goals and vision they will continue to build. One thing women love is a man who communicates, so when a man doesn’t communicate where he is in his process, vision and how that includes his lady women can become frustrated. Ladies my recommendation for this is to respectfully have a conversation about it, but don’t come from a place of anxiousness. Come from a gentle place of support and clarity.

5. You are applying pressure as opposed to allowing them to do it on their own-

That is one thing that is frustrating for men. When you have  lady that adds the pressure to hurry and propose. I don’t personally believe in long drawn out relationships, but you never want a man to feel as if he has to propose only because of your desire to do it now. Of course if a man has been with you for years and hasn’t done it yet and doesn’t plan on it and you desire to be married then by all means move on. When we propose we want it to be because we want you, love you and desire to spend our lives with you and mot any other reason.

6. They just don’t want to get married to anyone-

There are plenty of women like this and men like this of all ages who just don’t want to get married nor have kids. That is their preference. If you have been with a man that feels this way and you didn’t know this upfront it is definitely your fault. You want to for sure ask questions about marriage in the beginning so you won’t have expectations that are not met such as eventually getting ing married.

7. They are hurt from their last relationship-

Yes men do get hurt in relationships as well. A lot of times fear of commitment due to hurt won’t stop a man from getting in a relationship, but it will show up in the road to marriage. I have been hurt before in a relationship and I had to go through a healing process and take time to grow from it. Everyone doesn’t do that. Some people get out of one relationship and jump right into the next. It is important for you to take your time in the beginning so that you can know the state of their emotional well-being.

Every dating site listed here I have at one point joined either for the purpose of this article, or for personal use. If you are anything like how I was in Summer of 2018 then you work a lot or just don’t know where to go to meet new people to get to know as friends and possibly date. I wrote this article to assist busy professionals who are interested in meeting people, but struggle due to their schedule constraints or the quality of people they are surrounded by. I have a list of 4 dating sites that I along with others have graded. They were graded in the areas of functionality, quality of people, reputation, and cost. I desire to rank them but I believe because each one has different strengths it would be a little harder to do so.

1. eHarmony


Quality of people-3.5

Reputation of site-4


eHarmony is a site that I would say is for individuals looking for a serious relationship. It was probably my most consistent site that I participated in. For Functionality I gave it a 3 and probably should be lower. The reason is because the app and the site are extremely slow and it seems as if there just wasn’t a lot of effort put into it. The quality of people are a little higher than some of the other sites because you cannot even send messages unless you have a membership. I have met and went on dates with some really amazing people. The reputation amongst the young professionals is not really the best but I do believe it is being recognized and recommended more and more due to the quality of people.

2. Bumble


Quality of people-3.5

Reputation of site-4


I actually really liked Bumble. With Bumble they show you pictures of a person who has also signed up for the app. You can swipe left for They will have up to 5 pictures and the optional opportunity to connect their Spotify account and instagram account to see additional pictures. What separates this app from the other is the fact that if you swipe right in a picture of a profile and the other person does so as well the female has to message the guy first no exceptions. If the woman messages you it doesn’t mean that you will actually have a good conversation though. The functionality I gave a 5. It is neat clean, and is not slow. The quality of people is definitely above average. The reputation of the site is 4 because it is not the most known app but is known as the classier and professional version of Tinder. You can sign up for a weekly amount of $8.99 where it will allow you to see the person who swiped right on your picture before you actually see their profile in the regular rotation.

3. Christian Mingle

Functionality 2

Quality of people 4.5

Reputation of site 4

Cost 5

Christian Mingle has received a greater level of publicity in recent year with honorable mentions from well known celebrities. Christian mingle is where a lot of young and old christians go to meet people online. As far as I know there is no application for the site. For that reason I have to take the rating of the functionality to a 2. There is not way that in the age and era that a dating site not have an app for smartphones. The rating for the quality of people is really high; as with any other site you can meet weirdos lol. The reputation of the site varies amongst different age groups especially since Blac Chyna claims that she met her bf on this site. The cost is $29.99 per month. Overall I recommend it, but it isn’t the only site you can meet other Christians on.

4. Tinder

Functionality 5

Quality of people 2.1

Reputation of site 4.5

Cost 5

Yes Tender is on the list. Tender has a reputation for being a hookup site, but if you weed through you can meet some quality people on here. Another thing to note is Tinder has more people active on their app than any of the other apps listed. I rated the quality of people 2.1 because the people on the site aren’t always the best and I will leave it at that. The site is extremely popular especially amongst young professionals. Overall the site is worth it.

  1. Miami

Annual Avg. Temp.  84 Degrees

Culture– It is known for its strong Latin culture. Miami has a strong Cuban population. 54% of the city is Cuban. There is no need for me to say that there is a need to have some working knowledge of Spanish lol because I think that is obvious. Overall the city is extremely diverse. It isn’t just the Latin American descendants that make up Miami, but it has a strong black culture as well. Haitians, Jamaicans, and African Americans help diversify the city. Whatever your background or heritage is I can assure you that you are represented there.

Food– Even though it is known for its Cuban residents as I mentioned earlier, I think it is safe to say that Mexican food is one of the great draws of visiting Miami. Taquerias El Mexicano has some of the best tacos in South FL. A honorable mention would be La Carreta Restaurant. It is a laid back Cuban spot. Make sure while you are there that you try their Bistec de Rinconada.

Things to Do-When people think of Miami, their minds go to South Beach. There are activities to do year round. Music Fest is a week full of music. In March of every year, hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the world for this. I have had the pleasure to attend when I lived in Miami. The Miami Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins all play there and attending the games is fun. Never go to Miami without going to South Beach. Walking the water is amazing especially in the spring time. Also Miami is known for its great nightlife. Spots like Liv, and Story, and the area ofWynwood in the art district make it an enjoyable trip.

  • LA 

Annual Avg. Temp.71 Degrees

Culture-Let me start off by saying that out of all the cities on this list my favorite city is LA even though I greatly love Chicago. LA just like most of the other cities is diverse. They have a strong black community, and a strong Latin community. Because it is expensive, it is understandable why the populace tries to keep up with the Joneses. 

Food-LA has a ton of restaurants. Even though I didn’t get a chance during vacation  to eat at many restaurants I really did enjoy the food I ate. I loved Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Rose Café in Venice has an amazing experience and food. 

Things to Do-There is so much to do in LA. From Hollywood to Santa Monica sightseeing is something that would probably take days, maybe even weeks to finish. The Santa Monica Pier is a popular landmark in the area. You can go to Hollywood and see the Walk of Fame. The infamous Disneyland is also located in LA. The sports teams located in LA are the Rams, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers.

  • Chicago

Annual Avg. Temp. 56.3 Degrees

Culture– Chicago is one of those cities where the culture is different on each side of the city. One part of the city has a China Town where Asian culture is predominant; there you will find great food and places to explore. Then, you have the South and West sides of Chicago. Each particular side has its  that involves great music and great food. Beyond the sides of towns that I mentioned, Chicago also has other eclectic areas. The moral of the story is that Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the world. 

Food– Pizza, Pizza, and Pizza! My personal favorite food is pizza so I may be biased. Chicago has been in decades long battles with New York for best pizza in the world. NY is known for their thin, big slices, while Chicago is better known for its deep-dish pizzas. It is basically a pizza pie sent from heaven. The top restaurants that serve deep dish pizza include Giordano’s, Lou Malnatti’s, Burt’s Pizza, Gino’s East, and Pizzeria Uno. The great thing is Chicago has also consistently been ranked by top chefs as one of the best food cities in the world. Chicago is filled with restaurants on Rush Street. Also, the world renowned Harold’s Chicken is located in Chicago.

 Things to Do– It doesn’t matter when you visit Chicago there is always something to do. Millennium Park, and Buckingham Fountain, are amongst the top tourist attraction in the city. Everything from the beaches (obviously in the summertime) to Navy Pier to the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (which was at one point the tallest building in the world) gives you the ability to see the world from a different view. Sports teams like the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears play in Chicago and they have a loyal fan base. Last but not least, the Taste of Chicago! It is probably the greatest food event in the country. It’s where almost a million people gather at Grant Park to taste food vendors from all over the city, and to experience the diversity Chicago has to offer. An honorable mention is the Lalapalooza Fest during August.

  • Atlanta

Annual Avg. Temp.- 70 Degrees

Culture- The first thing I noticed moving from Miami to Atlanta was the black culture. For the new generation, I believe that what Miami is to Cubans, Atlanta is to African Americans. Not just any type of African Americans, but successful ones at that. The opportunity is limitless for individuals who are young and ambitious in Atlanta. Hip Hop reigns strong in Atlanta. Stores that would usually play pop music, play rap music noticeably in some stores in Lenox Mall.

Food- Atlanta has some amazing restaurants to eat at. Suite Lounge is a place that I definitely recommend. It provides that soul food, but with a contemporary twist. I also came across another restaurant, by the name of Twisted Soul Cookhouse which is located in Midtown. I wish I could recommend several dishes but for some reason I can’t stop ordering the chicken and waffles that they serve. Also, I believe they serve some of the best cornbread in the city. Within Atlanta, you can also find national has national chains such as Fogo de Chao, PF Chang’s, Pappadeaux, etc.

Things to Do- Atlanta is full of activities to do whether it’s during the day or at night. Buckhead is the area to be in. Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza provide world-renown shopping. The Battery at the Sun Trust Ball Park, where the Atlanta Braves play, has tons of bars, and restaurants to partake in. In addition to that Atlanta’s nightlife is amazing.

  • Las Vegas

Annual Avg. Temp- 80 degrees

Culture- To be very honest, I didn’t leave the strip so I won’t insult the residents of Las Vegas lol. Based on my experience on the strip there were people from all over the world. The Strip was an amazing exciting, soliciting, gambling, and entertaining type of environment.

Food-Some of the best food I tasted on the Strip was at the buffets. I had the privilege of eating food at the Wynn Hotel and the MGM Grand Hotel buffets. Also, Vegas like Atlanta is home to national chains. Lastly the Eiffel Tower Restaurant has amazing food as well.

Things To Do- There is much to do Las Vegas than gambling and casinos. There are so many shows to attend from comedy to music performances to even nightlife. While I know that NY is the city that never sleeps Vegas is a close second. 

If there was a survey that everyone in America were required to take that asked “What was the hardest thing that you have had to do in life?” there would be many different answers. Some would say graduating college, some would emphatically say Law school. Then someone might add being a parent is by far the toughest job. Out of those answers none of them are incorrect. Even though those were examples of perspective answers that might be given they do represent people who come from different backgrounds. While most people come from different backgrounds, there is one thing that for sure many if not most people have experienced. It’s the one thing that has left many as casualties and fatalities physically and emotionally. It has caused emotional distress and trauma. It is a break up.

Now to be clear every breakup isn’t bad. Some breakups are civilized where two parties agree to part ways. No one lifts their voice nor does it cause commotion. I believe every break up should be like that, but the different backgrounds that I mentioned earlier make it extremely difficult for that to happen. Then youhave the bad breakups where a couple of shoes may fly or bad names are used. Which ever type of break up you have experienced or will experience I want to help you out with 7 things that I have learned that helped me get over the breakups that I have experienced.

  1. Cut and close all communication access This may be the hardest part of the whole list. In the beginning when you are upset at the person you have ended the relationship with or just got dumped by it is easy not contact themfor some. Your adrenaline is rushing you are upset. You make statements like I don’t ever want to speak to “so and so” again or “I can care less about them”. It sounds good in the beginning but when you have been so accustomed to talkingto a person for a certain amount of time per day for how ever long you were in the relationship it becomes very hard not to want to contact them back. When I played basketball and was being taught different moves the one thing my coach would teach us was about muscle memory. If you do it right and consistent everytime while you are practicing the move it will become easier for you during the actual game. Its the same concept with moving on. Because your body, emotions, and mind has been programmed and accustomed to talking to the person or hanging around it going to require a reset of muscle memory. It is not easy but overtime your body, mind and emotions will regrow accustomed to not being able to communicate with that person. 
  2. Get rid of all gifts It may sound harsh, brutal, and hard to do, but you have to get rid of the gifts that was given to you by your former partner. Let me ask you this. When was the last time you went to yourold neighborhood? I like to visit occasionally to show my new friends where I grew up at. It is a sense of pride, excitement, and exhilaration. Every-time I have went to my old neighborhood and I approached certain parts of the neighborhood it brought up old memories. I will go even further there were certain parts of the street that not only brought back certain memories, but it dug up old emotions that I felt when I was whatever age I was when I lived there. It didn’t matter whether it was good or bad. Its the same thing with gifts. They cause you to relive memories no matter if it was good or bad. How many times has a person went back to vomit/bad relationship because of a memory that caused them to miss something that was bad for them. Now another thing that I experienced for me was songs that we both liked or danced to. I had toforce myself to listen to them so that I could hear them in public and not have a negative experience nor feeling.
  3.  Stop visiting their social media It is very tempting to want to go lurking on the page of an ex. When they have pissed you off so bad you want to see how good or bad that they are doing. Your preference is that they are doing bad lol, but in the case that they aredoing good it is easy for that to set you back. Now we are not trying to hide any emotions nor teach you to dig it away, but what I am saying is that you will not be able to heal properly by visiting their social media.
  4. Don’t jump in rebound relationships When my relationships would end I did not cope well with being alone. I suffered from rejection as a child. So I had to have the opposite sex’s attention always. That would in return cause me to immediately get into asituationship that was usually with someone just as emotionally fractured asme. This is what we call a rebound relationship. Rebound relationships are “usually” created as a way to get over the last relationship whether it isconsciously or sub-consciously done. There are some times where a rebound relationship lasts. Most times they don’t last. It could be a mixture of two dysfunctional, wounded people trying to love each other but are unable to do so properly because they has patched up the wound that is causing them to bleed out all over the relationship. It also can be a person that has been single and healed and they get deceived by someone who appears to be healed, but really isn’t. To be fair I have been that guy in the past where was the person who wasn’t healed completely from my last relationship. It is a time waster for both parties, it is damaging to the other person, and it affects those around you guys. Especially when you guys are meeting families. It can be devastating
  5. Allow yourself time to mourn I am convinced that when we die and our funerals are planned and executed that that won’t be the first time we experience death. In fact death is not limited to a person going to the other side of the grave. As a Christian we believe that according to Galatians 2:20 that we are crucified with Christnever the less we live yet not I but Christ lives in I”. That is a form of death to oneself. When you start a business and it fails that is a form of death. When a relationship ends it is a form of death (not to a person), but to  an association that was once full of life with joy, excitement, and obvious bad times. When ever there is a death there must be a funeral. The funeral providesthe opportunity for each person connected to the thing that died to mourn the loss. They acknowledge the good and remember the bad and when it is time to goto the burial and the casket drop that is the time let it the pain associatedwith it go, but yet take the good and move on. It is the same concept when arelationship ends. You must give your self a chance to acknowledge all of the good that happened. It wasn’t all bad. Then give yourself the opportunity tosee what went wrong. What did you do wrong, what did they do wrong? What red flags did you miss? Cry pout, throw temper tandrums at home. Acknowledge yourpain because pain has never disappeared because it was ignore. It actually isthe baby stage of bitterness, anger, and hate. So Mourn, but don’t over do it either.
  6. Daily Declarations When someone breaks up with you it causes you to question everything. It causes you to question mostly things about yourself especially if you have low self esteem. When I lost my relationship there were thoughts that tried to bombard my mind about my ability to be a good boyfriend, about my future as a husband,and even my ability to be a good father one day. In my case words wasn’t really exchanged but many times the relationship ends with negative words exchanged and words used in a violent way that can unknowingly effect you. The best way to fight that is to fight back those thoughts through prayer, and daily declarations. What do I mean by daily declarations? I personally believe that life and death lies in your tongue. Have you ever said something out loud and it took place not too long later. Well its the same concept if someone says something negative you can fight those negative words spoken over you byfighting back with words. Not at or towards the person. To be honest if someone says anything towards you just walk away. You can fight back by figuring outexactly what the words are targeting. Is it your manhood? Is it your confidence? Or is it your future? Whatever it is you replace those words withpositive words that you believe is in your future. EG If your ex say or if thethoughts present themselves to you that says “Nobody else will want you” You respond by saying daily “I am worth someone’s time and energy and I will make agreat spouse.” You can create a paragraph or two of daily declarations like that you will
  7. See A Therapist You are not crazy for seeing someone who is paid to not share your information and who is paid to listen to you. Yes you have big mama and friendswho will listen for free, however their advice sounds good but is not necessarily always the most healthy advice. When you are hurt you need someone trained to help get through those feelings.

So you have just went on a job interview and you nailed it. Your feelings are bittersweet because you know you did good on the interview, however you don’t know whether or not you will get the job. Finally they send an email with an offer letter and you receive a call stating that they are offering you the job. You are excited, however you are not pleased with the salary. Most times the salary is negotiable and I want to help you negotiate your salary or pay.

  1. The Salary Negotiation Starts with your application- Never forget that. There are a few rules to maximizing your value on an application which I will go into detail fully on another blog. The three are Be clear, be brief, be precise. Being clear means that you want to articulate everything that you are attempting to communicate clearly. From your name to your previous job history to the reasonsyou left. Double check your application. Do not leave any blank spots. Be brief means they give you a limited amount of space for a reason. Employers have short attention spans because they have a lot to do. Sum up what you want tosay in 3 to 4 sentences max. We call that the elevator pitch. Be precise! Double check for misspelled words and run- on sentences. It’s embarrassing to employers to see an application particularly for a highly competitive position with misspelled words. Would you want someone working for you who couldn’tspell? Well they definitely don’t either.
  2. Know what your counterparts in your industry is getting paid. Whatever field you are in or plan on getting into it is imperative that you not get connected to someone who is already doing what you are doing so that you can learn more fromthem on the industry but also for you to get an idea as to the pay structure. In my industry as a finance manager in the automotive industry I have plenty of friends in the industry. We discuss each others pay plan and if someone for any reason wants to make a move we know what type of pay to accept and what not tobecause we understand what the industry is paying in the region.
  3. Find out what your salary offer is during the interview. It is not a sin to know how much they will pay you during the interview. Ask and be confident while asking. Also ask if that amount is negotiable.
  4. Don’tget greedy. You don’t want to come across the wrong even though it is abusiness.
  5. Makea counteroffer. I would personally wait until they show great interest in you and they make the offer to make a counter offer. Now with this many people settle for salaries and pay that is under what they should be working for butare afraid of possibly losing the offer. A lot of times the offer may or may not be negotiable but you will never know if you do not ask if that amount is negotiable and making a reasonable offer. If the amount is too high then yes itcould put you in a akward place, but going up just enough to for them to make acounter offer that’s higher than what they initially offer, but lower enough where you don’t scare the employer.
  6. Be confident during your interview. When ever I have went on a job interview I never approached it as if I was a average guy. I always approached it from that angle of I am one of the best in my position which I was and had the numbers toback it up. Refrain from using “um”. Nothing shows a level of insecurity,nervousness, and unsurity thn using the word “um”. My recommendation is todress up and sit in front of a mirror. Write down a bunch of questions that youbelieve will be asked. Answer them while looking in the mirror and this willhelp build your confidence.
  7. Create and bring them an evidence file to the interview showing previous work or assignments. This will be one of the greatest things one can do during their interview process. I have never went on an interview and never not had someevidence to back up what I said during the interview process. I have accolades, good job emails from previous bosses, my performance charts/stats. Women lie, men lie, but numbers never lie. IF you prove to them with evidence your value they will not be able to deny it. It will make negotiating your salary that much more easier.
  8. Show that you are a team player. You want to show that you are about the team. The worst thing a company can do is hire a selfish, talented worker. It ruins the team environment. It is better to have an average team where there is no friction than to have one talented player that makes the performance better but comes with drama. Don’t be that person.

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